What is Michigan Ecovillage?

Michigan Ecovillage in Southeastern Michigan is an intergenerational, live-work community dedicated to mutual support in living holistically within a sustainable social environment and to community design functioning in harmony with the ecosystem. To achieve these ends, the plans for Michigan Ecovillage include the following key ideas.

Michigan Ecovillage is an intergenerational community. As such, it will intentionally incorporate the needs of various generations into its planning and function. The ability for Ecovillage elders to age in place will be considered in every aspect of design, in the building of homes and common spaces, in the planning and function of associated cooperative businesses and in the activities of the village itself in regard to governance and social events. Caregivers and their families will be considered as well in all of these aspects, as will other non-elderly adults and their families, including children.

Michigan Ecovillage is a live-work community. It is designed for people who live there to also work in the ecovillage. People employed in organic farming and food production, elder care, child-care, and in the holistic healing center will have priority status in regard to ecovillage housing. First priority for leasing retail and commercial space owned by the ecovillage will likewise be designated to ecovillage residents.

A holistic healing center will be the hub of Michigan Ecovillage. Residents of will foster mutual support in living a holistic lifestyle. The activities of the healing center will include and incorporate the health needs of the residents of the village into their programming, as well as clients from outside of the village.

Residents of Michigan Ecovillage will maintain a sustainable social environment. This means that the community will practice participatory democracy, adopt and abide by fair and inclusive organizational policies and work to co-create an appealing culture that resonates broadly among the membership.

Residents of Michigan Ecovillage are dedicated to community design functioning in harmony with the ecosystem. The ecovillage desires its existence to have the smallest possible impact on the environment while also affordably sustaining the basic needs of members. This means that the ecovillage will be intentional in relation to choice of building design and materials, to energy choices and consumption patterns, to land and water use concerns and in relation to transportation of people and materials. Additionally, the organization will be mindful of the impacts of all of its physical systems during the construction and operation of the ecovillage.

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